Parent coaching and mentoring workshop

Parent coaching and mentoring workshop

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What will parents learn in this workshop?
This is a fun, interactive and experiential workshop where parents learn tools and techniques to be safe, supportive and effective parent coaches and mentors to their children.

What qualification will they receive after completing this workshop?
Certificate of Completion from the School Wellbeing Alliance.

How will parents benefit?
Parents will get a great sense of satisfaction, purpose and fulfilment when supporting their children and witnessing their progress. They will also derive a personal benefit as they can use these tools and techniques to coach and mentor themselves and any other children within the family.
The Certificate of Completion will acknowledge that parents have completed a valuable parent coaching and mentoring workshop.

How will your school benefit?
Parents who do this workshop will be empowered to help and support their children, themselves and their families to live happier, healthier and more productive lives. This will then have a knock-on effect on the overall performance, mental health and wellbeing of their children at school.

Where does training take place?
All training sessions can be done in person if your school is based in London or neighbouring counties or via a webinar if your school is based outside these areas. To check if your school qualifies for training in person please call us before purchasing this training course.

How long will it take?
1.5 hours

Will there be any training materials and how will these be distributed to pupils?
Before delivering this workshop we will send your school the PowerPoint slides that will be used in the workshop and a Handout. Please ensure that all parents have a copy of the Handout ready for the workshop and that the slides are emailed to them after the workshop. If the school wishes it can also print out the slides for parents and make space next to each slide for notes. Please note that the PowerPoint slides will be saved in a PDF format so you will need to check with your IT team how to display/view them in full screen before the workshop.

How much does it cost?
£450 for 30 participants and extra participants are £30 each. 

How do I access updated workshop materials?
Every September, updated workshop materials are made available to existing customers only for £30. If you would like to purchase these update materials, click here and see link at the bottom of this web page.

Is it possible to ‘train the trainer’ so that staff members can deliver this workshop to pupils directly? 
Yes - training to deliver this workshop is available and is the same cost as us delivering it directly.

Version 2 of The Other Subject programs will be available for purchase by existing customers only from August 2021